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RS1 Emulsion

GWC RS 1 is water based Bitumen Emulsion. It has fast setting time with low viscosity making it ideal for spray application. At ambient temperature it is a free flowing liquid conforming to IS 8887:2004 standards.

Typical Properties

1. Residue on 600 Micron IS Sieve, % Max0.05
2. Viscosity @ 50°C (Saybolt Furol Viscometer), sec20-100
3. Storage Stability after 24 Hour, %, Max2
4. Binder Residue by Evaporation, % Min60
5. Coagulation at Low Temperature15

Advantages of RS1 Emulsion

  • No heating required
  • Cost efficient
  • Easy and uniform spray
  • Low temperature curl, fast setting time
  • High adhesive properties
  • Prevents slippage of structural layers
  • Environment friendly

Applications of RS1 Emulsion

GWC RS 1 is ideally suited for Tack Coat application. Tack Coat with GWC RS 1 can be applied on bituminous surface, aged bituminous surface, primed bituminous surfaces.

Recommended Rate of Application

Bitumen Surface2 to 2.5
Aged Bitumen Surface2.5 to 3
Primed Surface2.5 to 3
  • Use without diluting Bitumen Emulsion with any solvent.
  • Use at ambient temperature.
  • Roll the Bitumen Emulsion drums 5 times before using.

Availability of RS1 Emulsion

GWC RS 1 is available in

  • Bulk
  • RC Drums 200 Kg
  • MS Drums 200 Kg
  • HDPE Drums 200 Kg