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GWC Cold Mix

GWC Cold Mix

Cold Mix Asphalt is, just like hot mix asphalt, a combination of aggregates and cutback or bitumen emulsion, commonly used on low traffic roads or rural roads. Cold mix asphalt is produced by emulsifying the asphalt with water and an emulsifier agent, before mixing it with aggregates, to make the asphalt less viscous so that the mix is easier to work with. The mix could be the one comprising of bitumen emulsion, and virgin aggregates or reclaimed asphalt pavements/milled pavements, though the latter would be cost effective. They are used for repairing potholes as well as worn out flexible pavements. Cold mix asphalt also works along flexible pavements and can be produced, either on-site or at mixing plants.

Cold Mix Product helps in the paving thereby saving our country from Pollution and saving Carbon Credit for our country. We are deeply focussing in providing maximum support to the Departments and the Contractors for this product. The Product has been used by the Contractors and they find it hassle free and cost saving with very low pollution

Advantages of Cold Mix

  • Tailor-designed for optimum performance of varying raw materials and climates
  • Control over characteristics such as set time, mix time and strength
  • Environment Friendly and Energy Efficient
  • Economical: eliminates the need to dry or heat aggregate
  • Safety: cold emulsions are safer than super-heated asphalt cements
  • Wide choice of processes to meet your paving needs (repair, restoration, and base and wearing courses)
  • Suitable for new construction or rehabilitation
  • Cost effective way to maximize the life of the road
  • Fast Production of Cold Mix
  • Contain in built ant-stripping agent

Applications of Cold Mix Technology

Cold Mix Asphalt has a wide range of applications. It is used both as a pothole patching material in road pavements and airport runways, and as a main road pavement in low-volume roads, vehicle parkings, sidewalks, parks and playgrounds. It is also used as a waterproofing material on flat roofs and parking garages, as a hydrophobic layer in construction of oil reservoirs. Main advantages of cold mix are cost effectiveness, environment friendly, lower emissions and easy availability.